Learn To
Love Food


The aim of this online course is to provide you with the comprehensive re-education and mindset change that I help my 1-1 clients achieve but at a fraction of the price and no waiting list

Love Food Progamme - Happy Weight - Aoife Deane
Love Food Progamme - Happy Weight - Aoife Deane

Learn To
Love Food

Online Training Course

The aim of the online course is to provide you with the comprehensive re-education and change of mindset.

My one to one programmes are €1,500, this online course will be launched at an introductory price of €199!

Is This Course For You?

The course will be most suitable to you if you:

  • Comfort eat, emotional eat, binge eat.

  • Have had weight problems for a long time.

  • Have gained a lot of weight since you first started dieting.

  • Have very low body confidence.

The course would not be suitable for you if you are looking for a food plan, a diet, to learn about foods to cut out or you want rapid weight loss.

If you are sick of dieting, and you have realised that it has ruined your relationship with food and your body this might be the course for you.

Happy Weight - Online Course Lose Weight Ireland
Happy Weight - Online Course Lose Weight Ireland

Understanding You

Having been through the experience of low body confidence, which lead to dieting, which lead to 3 stone weight gain due to overeating before and every diet, I know the journey you are on.

I will be covering every aspect I think is vital to becoming and staying your ideal weight.

Some of the topics I will be covering are life prep for becoming your ideal weight, self hypnosis, dietary aspects that cause you to overeat, dietary aspects that affect your appetite and that can stop or start comfort eating & how to comfort eat in the most comforting way.

Course Details

My first in person meeting with a client lasts 2 hours and covers a folder full of information.

This folder and information is only available to clients who sign up to the 12 week programme for €1,500, however on this course I will be going through all this helpful, “life changing” information, plus more.

You will also have life long access to the members only section of my website which is constantly updated with new hypnotherapy and guided meditations and worksheets to help you build your new mindset.

The information is aimed to completely overhaul how you see your food, your eating, yourself and your body.
And when you start seeing things differently you can start to do things differently!

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